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Archaeological Sites on Kauai

Kāneiolouma, or "Kanewhodroveandpushed," is an agricultural site and complex that consists of historical sites. Located between Kōloa town, the coast of Poʻipū, the Weliweli area, and Kukuiʻula Bay, the complex's more than 1,000 estimated features have mostly been destroyed. However, today the County of Kauaʻi, known as the Poʻipū Beach Park Mauka Preserveis pairing with the stewardship group Hui Malama O Kāneiolouma to maintain and undergo restoration projects for the cultural preserve. 

Kāneiolouma Complex

During your stay in our vacation rentals in Kaui Poipu, Explore The Kāneiolouma complex features three different components — religious, agriculture, and aquaculture. The complex also is home to walled enclosures, alters, temple bases, shrines, taro patches, irrigation ditches, fishponds, platforms for houses, cooking areas, and terraces. 

The eastern side of the complex is home to a large sports arena that once hosted Hawaiian games including forearm wrestling (uma), wrestling (hakoko), and deadly grappling (lua). There is also a large fishpond that was home to special fish only intended for the alii (nobility). 

The Kāneiolouma Heiau complex is also a part of the Poʻipū Beach Park, which has been recognized as one of the Nation's most beautiful beaches. It is important to the island and people of Kauai to preserve this archaeological site not only for the natural beauty but also for the unique cultural heritage. 

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