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Historic Points of Interest

Ancient Polynesians were the first to bring sugarcane to Hawai'i. With it's first cane seeding in 1835, Kōloa Plantation was the first in Hawai’i to successfully mill cane commercially for export and as result, set the precedent for free housing and medical benefits for its imigrant employees from China, Japan, East and West Germany, Portugal, and the Phillipines.

The Kōloa Sugar Monument is made from the stone remnants of the old sugar mill and symbolizes a significant part of Hawaiian history. The monument depicts plantation workers from all over the world who emigrated from their countries and moved to Hawaii to work on the sugar cane plantations. The monument was constructed in 1965 as part of the 150th anniversary of Hawaii's sugar industry.

When you stay in our Kauai Poipu rentals, explore the rich Hawaiian history of Kōloa when you visit the Kōloa Sugar Monument.

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