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Historic Points of Interest

Maha‘ulepu is the last stretch of accessible coastline in Kauai that has yet to be developed, leaving locals and visitors access to incredible views that go undisturbed. It is two miles long and goes from Punahoa Point to Paʻoʻo point. Aside from the views, the history of Mahaulepu runs deep and how it got it's name is a fascinating story.

The name Maha‘ulepu comes from an epic battle that occurred in the 1300s when Kalaunuio Hua, a Big Island ruler, aimed to take over Kauai on Maha‘ulepu Beach. Kukona, ruling chief of Kauai, lured Kalaunuio Hua and his men further inland, attacking and defeating Kalaumuio Hua and his men. This battle solidified Kauai as an island that was never to be conquered. 

Today, Maha‘ulepu remains an important part of Kauai history and everyday life. Locals and travelers come to Maha‘ulepu to find quiet and calmness in a rather secluded spot compared to other parts of Kauai. Hike the Maha‘ulepu Heritage Trail, enjoy a relaxing picnic with family, hike, fish, surf, and more at this beautiful and historical site.

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