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Historic Points of Interest

Located about 20 minutes from Lihue, you'll find Old Kōloa Town, a small community rich in history and culture. Old Kōloa Town was the first successful home of the sugar mill in 1835 which later spurred the commercial sugar production in Hawaii. As a result of the growing plantation industry, Old Kōloa Town attracted workers from all over, bringing in a wave of immigrants. Today, Old Kōloa is home to the descendants of those immigrants and celebrates its multicultural community every year during the Kōloa Plantations Days Festival

Back then, plantation workers not only labored, lived and shopped on the plantation, they also received medical care. Kōloa’s buildings housed plantation stores and services for the community, including Kauai’s first hotel. Kōloa was the center of agriculture and, as such, became the center of activity for Kauaʻi.

When you stay in our Kauai house rentals in Poipu, visit Old Kōloa Town and walk down Kōloa Road to visit the shops that now occupy the plantation buildings. 

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