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Historic Points of Interest

The Kōloa Field Systems showcases how ancient Hawaiians planned their agricultural social systems with much success. Before the arrival of the first Polynesians to Kōloa, it is believed that the area was forested to the shore. Clearing the land was done by burning. The low amount of rainfall in the area made it necessary for Hawaiians to construct a sophisticated irrigation system for growing crops. As a result, formal growing areas were established and the irrigation systems were tapped off from the Waikomo Stream.

Elements of the Kōloa Field Systems Included:

  • Parallel and branching ʻauwai (irrigation ditches)
  • Terraced loʻi (taro growing ponds)
  • Dryland plots

Later the Field Systems Included:

  • Aqueduct ʻauwai
  • Irrigated mound fields
  • Subdivision of lo’i and kula plots

The Field System was in use until 1850 AD, but remnants of the system still remain in parts of the area.

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