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Historic Points of Interest

Located near Kauai’s Tree Tunnel and Old Koloa Sugar Mill, the Waita Reservoir is another important piece of history that shaped Kauai into what it is today. The reservoir is one of the largest inland bodies of water on the island and is known as one of the best fishing spots in Kauai.

Built-in the early 1900s, the reservoir's main purpose was to supply water to the sugar cane fields nearby because Koloa's water supply was subpar. The reservoir still serves that same purpose today although supplying more local agricultural projects. The reservoir expands 523 acres and holds 23 billion gallons of water from the Waiahi-Kuia Aqueduct system. Its rich ecosystem includes animals like Hawaiian Gallinule, Stilts, Pheasant, Hawaiian Boar, and fish species such as Bass, Tilapia, and Koi. 

The reservoir is now a part of private property and can only be accessed by booking certain tours. During your stay in our Kauai Poipu rentals, book a tour to learn more about the Waita Reservoir.

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