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Nature Attractions in Poipu

Spouting Horn (or known as Puhi by early Hawaiians) is one of Kauai's most photographed spots. The blowhole was formed by the crashing waves eroding the rocks which allowed water to rush into the holes that were formed and shoot the water upward. Spouting Horn can sometimes reach heights of up to 60 feet. 

Legend has it that the coast was guarded by a large mo'o (lizard) who attacked anyone who tried to fish or swim here. One day, a man named Liko went into the water and when the mo'o attacked, Liko was able to escape the mo'o by swimming under the lava shelf and escaping through the blowhole. As a result, the mo'o became stuck in the rocks and was not able to get out. The sounds you hear from the blowhole are the cries of the lizard that was trapped.

There is ample parking at Spouting Horn Park and this a great spot to whale watch during the months of December through May. Please use caution when visiting Spouting Horn and heed all warnings posted. 

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