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Explore Poipu's natural beauty and discover the must-see natural wonders of Kawai

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Pu'uwanawana Kauai

The Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone was formed more than five million years ago from a volcano spewing lava. Pu‘uwanawana is known as a cinder...

Spouting Horn Kauai

Spouting Horn (or known as Puhi by early Hawaiians) is one of Kauai's most photographed spots. The blowhole was formed by the...

mcbride tropical garden

McBryde Garden is part of the nonprofit National Tropical Botanical Garden. McBryde Garden is a botanical safehaven for threatened and endangered plants of the tropics. Located in the lush Lawai Valley, it is home to the world’s largest collection of native Hawaiian species outside the wild, and extensive plantings of palms, flowering trees, ornamentals, orchids, and other plants from tropical regions.