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Make a difference on your Hawaiian Vacation - Volunteer!

Make a difference on your Hawaiian vacation by participating in volunteer activities in Kauai. A vacation to Kauai is sure to be memorable no matter what you do, but is it truly meaningful? You can volunteer in Kauai in many ways to make your vacation both memorable and meaningful. From beach cleanups and wildlife monitoring to helping the elderly and working to end homelessness, there are numerous opportunities to give back to the local community.

Discover Volunteer Activities in Kauai, Hawaii and find ways to make a positive impact during your stay. For more activities and attractions, check out our Things to Do in Poipu page. For personalized recommendations and assistance, visit our Concierge Services page. Ready to book your stay? Browse our Poipu Vacation Rentals and start planning your meaningful Kauai vacation today.

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human and dog on beach in hawaii

Take a field trip with a shelter dog and have fun for the day with a furry friend. You can choose between simply taking a shelter dog with you to enjoy a day of activities or you can give more donations for including meals, having the dog spayed or neutered, and even helping with the cost of their transfer to mainland to their forever home with a rescuer/adopter.