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Hawaiian oceanfront fine dining

Prepare to eat in an atmosphere surrounded by beauty. Rum Fire boasts stunning oceanfront views of Poipu Beach while serving up Hawaii's finest,...

shipwreck beach poipu

Shipwreck’s Beach is another great choice for lovely beaches in Kauai. This beach offers a long stretch of golden sand on the eastern end of Poipu. You will find county park facilities available at this beaches location, including restroom.

An aerial view of Kauai

The Kiahuana Wahi Pana is the site of a Kōloa Field System that successfully operated for more than 500 years and yielded a variety of crops.

Pu'uwanawana Kauai

The Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone was formed more than five million years ago from a volcano spewing lava. Pu‘uwanawana is known as a cinder...

brenneckes beach

Located at the eastern end of Poipu Beach Park, Brennecke’s Beach is well known for its easy waves when it comes to boogie-boarding and body surfing. It is considered a favorite to locals and visitors alike. This beach not only offers easy waves for small excitements, but also offers a great protected area for swimming and snorkeling.

An aerial view of Kauai

The Kihahouna Heiau is an archeological site that once featured a walled temple dedicated to four gods of great significance.

Spouting Horn Kauai

Spouting Horn (or known as Puhi by early Hawaiians) is one of Kauai's most photographed spots. The blowhole was formed by the...